HTML version?

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This may be a "stupid" question, but I'm learning HTML as a whole, not just Constant Contact. I can't seem to find information on which HTML version Constant Contact uses despite looking it up?


I assume it would be one of the most recent versions, so is it HTML 4 or HTML 5? (If I am somehow altogether wrong/confused and this question doesn't make sense to ask, please feel free to correct me if possible.) Thank you for your help!

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Hello @NoahL43 ,


While you could potentially use older HTML coding, several elements were either deprecated or reworded with the advent of HTML5, so we definitely recommend using HTML5 for building your emails in the custom code editor. I'd definitely recommend following along with some of these articles when building your first custom code email, to make sure you're getting it setup as efficiently as possible while avoiding common errors:

William A
Community & Social Media Support