Merging lists

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How do I remove certain emails from a contact list? Like I would like to send marketing emails to my contacts that haven't registered yet, but do not want to send the marketing emails to those that already have registered so I would like to make a new list removing those names but I don't want to go through manually and remove the names.

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Hello @MacyW6 ,


If there's a common element like a specific list membership or anything like that, you could use segmentation to pull all those contacts, then add/remove them from a list you specify. If you can't find any criteria that matches what you're needing to differentiate these contacts, then you may have to manually select and remove them.


I would suggest making at least one copy of your original list before you start making any membership changes. That way you can make the edits to the copy without worrying about making any accidental, drastic changes to the original.


If you'd like assistance on trying to use the segmentation method, you're welcome to call our general support for live, 1:1 assistance and (if needed) screensharing of your Constant Contact pages.

William A
Community & Social Media Support