Move a subscriber to a different list when they click a link in the email?

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I have a general opt-in list for a website, but our traffic comes from two different places: residents and visitors. I want to have the subscriber select whether they are a resident or visitor. Ideally, this would be done when subscribing. Is there an option to assign them to a specific list based on a selection they make when subscribing? Alternatively, I've seen welcome emails that request you click a link to make the selection within the email. If the above cannot be done, any ideas how to do this? Thanks for any insights!
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Hello @EllenS6834 ,


You have two options:

  • Create a coded form that has both visitor and resident lists as select-able options. Add this coded form to your site
  • Create individual landing page forms for both lists. Link to both forms on your site - one button for visitors, another for residents.

If you're wanting this to be part of a welcome email they receive, or as something to include in every email you sendout, then the landing pages inserted as button, image, or text links in your email would work best.


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