New CC Update causing lots of problems

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I love Constant Contact. It is so helpful for me to connect with other educators effectively in a modern way. I send a monthly e-blast. When I went in almost two weeks ago to start working on my June e-blast, I saw that the entire format had been updated, & it has caused the time it takes to create & edit content to DOUBLE. The new format is prettier, but more time consuming. I waited hoping that the glitches would be fixed, but nothing has changed or started to work better. Please fix it.

Since this update:

  • There is delay in text appearing on the screen as it is typed or deleted. When deleting text, the delay constantly causes me to over-delete words. 
  • When I copy & paste text, it automatically JUMPS to the top of a section! I use larger sections. I am constantly scrolling up & down.
  • The BIGGEST ISSUE is that the edit panel no longer FLOATS right above where I am working. Instead, now it snaps to the top or the bottom of the section. Again, in a larger section, this is nightmare. I have to highlight what I need to edit and scroll up until I find the edit panel. It makes editing take 2Xs as long. Please FIX THIS!
  • The save button keeps greying out. I save frequently because our government system sometimes causes CC to crash. Now, I have to wait till the button is available to save. 
  • They hyperlink option now takes longer. You can no longer just hit enter.
  • Finally, this has been an issue for a while, please wrap the web addresses in the clicked-on website section. Longer web addresses make it stretch far across the screen and make that section of reporting much less useful.

Please help.


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Hello @ChristineT0085 ,


Going through your points, and viewing your emails while testing from my side, your issues seem to boil down to a few factors:


  • You're too zoomed in on your screen. The edit pop-up menu when clicking on a block still pops directly above (or below if you're scrolled up enough) the block that's been selected / being edited. I'd advise zooming out significantly on your browser screen, or resetting it to the standard 100% view altogether (CTRL 0 on PC or CMD 0 on Mac). If you're already at 100%, then you may need to adjust your browser settings regarding text sizes.


  • Your email is extremely long. The more text, graphics, and unique formatting you have, the more bandwidth will be required by your device and internet to make sure changes are being saved and maintained. The only real solution to this is to simply shorten your email. Use more redirect links and Read More blocks to get people to your site for info, or consider redirecting to a PDF version with more info that recipients can view and/or download separately if they so desire. 


  • Some of your general issues may also be resolved with simple connectivity troubleshooting. Disabling problematic / interfering browser extensions, as well as making sure our domains are safelisted in ad/pop-up blockers, VPNs, and other security software you use, can alleviate many of these issues. Others require a simple, regular cache clear (just cached images and files, not saved passwords or cookies), or even just short reboot of your internet router (turn off, wait 15-30 sec, turn back on and wait to fully boot up).


Regarding the save button, this is purely based on the bandwidth of your internet. Again, shortening your email can greatly alleviate this, as well as the other basic connectivity mentioned in the 3rd point. I have no insight regarding the URL enter function, but I've noted it as feedback from your account for the devs. I've done similarly with the last point for long links resulting in bleeding off the page.

William A
Community & Social Media Support