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One of the most problematic issues I have with this newer version of editing campaigns that happened a few months ago, is that my Preview does not consistently match the version I Saved in the campaign editor.  For example, I duplicated an article to keep my formatting, and made my text and image updates. After saving, I checked my Preview, and noticed that there were some remnants of the original article still in the Preview version, but not in my editable version. 

Secondly, I notice that the Save link does not become clickable after every text change I make. Sometimes it seems that it doesn't become clickable again unless I make a change to the text in one of my feature articles. 

Thirdly, there have been times when after I have to Unschedule the campaign and make an edit, that then a previous version of a different article comes up in my preview (unrelated to whatever edit I just made). This means I anxiously have to recheck the Preview constantly, and review the whole campaign (and our email newsletters are often quite long with many articles). I can't trust that other parts of my campaign will remain accurate after I make a change elsewhere, and it just adds time-consuming stress to try and ensure it will remain accurate.


In case it's helpful to know, I copy our previous week's campaign that I then edit as needed for this week's. I have learned to drag in a new article box versus editing or duplicating from old ones, as that usually helps. I use either an Incognito browser (as I remember at some point reading that helps with some of the glitches) and either I use Google Chrome or I use Microsoft Edge. 


Hello @ClementPlaza ,


One of the things you could do to alleviate some of these block issues is to regularly clear your browser's cache once or twice a week. Additionally, copying from an earlier or more direct source (like a master template) can assist with avoiding the junk coding build-up that can occur from copying copies-of-copies. Built-up junk coding can cause a lot of unusual and unwanted behavior, including reversions on text, image, and coloring formatting. 


Some of the issues you're experiencing also sound connectivity-based. Whether it's an issue of a lot of content in your email causing increased bandwidth usage for autosave and displaying/editing, ad/pop-up block or browser extension interference, or a combination of several factors, it may be worth performing some basic connectivity troubleshooting, or adding additional Read More / redirect links in your email to reduce the amount of content and overall lag. 


See also:

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