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I send, on average one email a week. In the last year, about every third time I true to work on any email, I suddenly become unable to paste a link. This stops me dead in my tracks as I have advertisers, and these are links to the ads. Cannot send without the link. Please DO NOT tell me the problem is on my end. I spend most of the day on my computer working with a dozen platforms. It doesn't happen anywhere else.

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Hello @RunCoachDeb ,


I'd advise either calling into general support for live troubleshooting, or replying to the automated @ mention email you receive from my response with the following info:

  • Does the issue occur on other devices or networks?
  • Does this issue occur in multiple browsers, or in incognito / private mode?
  • Does disabling any browser extensions, VPNs, or ad/pop-up blockers, then fully exiting your browser and navigating back to the editor alleviate the issue?
  • Does saving and refreshing the editor page alleviate the issue?
  • Does this occur on all templates - including fresh, new templates - or just ones that you've copied from previous copied templates?
  • Is there a common element to the URLs that are having issues being pasted - such as being the same domain, or containing the same tracking coding?
  • Does this occur with text, image, or button links - or does it occur with any of them?

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It's a 'known issue.' They've been aware for a while. The CS person I spoke with said, "It's a known defect in the system, but they don't have a date for when it should be corrected." T