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We are wanting to send out an email that has a unique link in it for each recipient in our email list.  It is not a link to our website, but to an outside organization.  From what I've read, the Dynamic Link won't work because it isn't to our website associated with our account.


So what we want to do is have text that is clickable.


The contact list would be something like:

lastname, firstname, email address, unique link

Smith, Joe, , link1

Jones, John,, link3

Johnson, Lisa, link4


We would like the unique link to appear something like


Click here to take the survey    where "Click here..." is clickable, but it is also a custom field in the "contact details".


I know this sounds confusing.  Any suggestions?


Thank you!



Hello @DoctorsM ,


Due to how contact detail insertion works, it wouldn't be possible to actually link it from within the email editor. There are some email programs and apps that will automatically make typed-out URLs clickable, similar to how email and browser mobile apps will usually turn phone numbers into clickable links by default. 


Your best bet would be to have a raw URL for the custom field, and include instructions for people to either click the link (if applicable) or copy the URL into a new tab of their browser. 

William A
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