Ability to do a bulk export of images and documents from Library

It would be nice to have a feature that allows for a mass export of the photo library. Having to individually "Save Image" on 400+ images isn't efficient.


It appears that the library still lacks and needs a bulk export feature for any and all files added by a customer.


I absolutely agree!

It's insane to me that it's been over 5 years since this suggestion and it still isn't an option. This is a pretty basic feature that most online websites that let you store files have (including free websites). I plan on looking into similar software out there and suggest moving the company to one that has this feature.

Campaign Contributor

Bulk downloading our pictures from the library has been requested since 2015. It is now 2023!  What is the holdup?  Clearly CC doesn't not value their clients.  Please implement this feature.

Campaign Contributor

so there is no way to download our library - this is ridiculous!


would be helpful if an image on library could be download from CC back to a device.

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