Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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It is my understanding that the new user interface platform for emails are going to be switching into everyone's account by end of year. With that being said, having the HTML code option is critical as we do a lot of copy and paste of same information into 12-15 other emails with same content.
I basically am just copying previous messages and rebuilding from there because I dislike the new design module so much. There is zero flexibility, no access to html, very clunky. I suppose this is good for someone with no experience, but it is only annoying to me. Thank you for listening.
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Agreed. You are better off custom coding and/or using an open source responsive email framework like or .

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This "upgrade" is a major setback for Constant Contact. It makes using the service much more timeconsuming. Whoever approved this should be demoted.


totally agree.  they screwed this up big time.  much more work on my end.  no real new value add - much more work.  


Please restore the abilitiy to view and edit html code.  It's ridiculous that this functionality was removed.  Simple functions like superscript tags are now impossible so footnoting any type of disclosures is impossible.

I was liking the new templates, but am finding out that they are restricting me in what I can do. For instance, I want to use a military style, but in this instance don't want a background with stars since it clashes with the banner I'm using. Also, I am unable to edit HTML code.

Seems ironic that you provide an HTML editor so I can edit the layout of this complaint post - but you strip that functionality from the tool that people pay lots of money to use???




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How do I use Dynamic Content Variables in a link in the new editor? This functionality seems to be broken.

I miss being able to link surveys into my emails, make HTML adjustments and track the success of my campaigns in google analytics. While other companies are adding features, CC is taking them away. As a result, I’m now looking elsewhere for email marketing.
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