Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Contributor

Absolutely agreed!

Campaign Contributor
It seems with the new format I can no longer search for an older email that I previously sent out. Before I could enter a page number I wanted to go to which would take me through the "long" list of former campaigns to at least where I thought it would be and then be able to maneuver from there. Now it just keeps expanding the list below by clicking on "View more campaigns" which looks like an exhausting and time consuming effort if I want to find an email from a year ago.
Is there a way to search campaigns. Right now you have to scroll until you can find which is not very time effective. There needs to be a way to type in a specific campaign name and find said campaign.
Finding older campaigns is painful and takes way too long! Could you add a search bar so we can easily find older campaigns to reference?
Where is the SEARCH for campaigns?
With these recent updates, have you eliminated the option to search campaigns? If yes, that is going to make my life very difficult in this platform... I hope you bring it back or make it easier to find!!
We frequently want to send campaigns out that are similar to ones we have sent in the past. It would be nice if there was a search feature so I don't have to scroll through hundreds of campaigns to find the one I want to copy.
I would love it if i could search my library for past campaigns. Sometimes I'm looking for something I did months or even a year ago, and can't remember what I titled it. If could just search by key word, that would be much faster than sifting through pages and pages of past campaigns hoping I spot the one I'm looking for.
I would like to be able to "search" for the name of an email I have sent in the past. Now I have to scroll through over 600 emails to find the older sent email I am looking for.
There is no way to search old email campaigns efficiently. "Newest to Oldest" or "A-Z" is simply not sufficient. There is no way to skip pages to a particular date or even just search campaign titles.
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