Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

It would be nice to have a search box to locate past campaigns that have been created.
I appreciate that Constant Contact in continually improving, and rather enjoy the new web-layout. I have one *VERY* real complaint: You've made searching and digging through old campaigns MUCH more difficult, and almost pointless. Campaigns searched through the old site was not easy since there was no SEARCH FUNCTION, but it was manageable because I could just go to a distant page with the date range I needed to find an old email. The new campaign organizer is a never ending page load, and clicks of "View More" - and STILL HAS NO SEARCH FUNCTION! My feedback is this: Either change back to having pages to sort emails, rather than loading a years' worth of campaigns on one page, or ADD A SEARCH FUNCTION!
In old system it was easy to find old email. You needed to go to the specific page of previous sent emails and find it. It is enlarged page format and no paging option is available.

Nothing more - simple search to find certain keywords/dates.  There's a function to search contacts and am surprised to see that there isn't one for campaigns.


Marketing Legend
Please, Please give us the option of view our past campaigns without having to go back one page at a takes forever and finally just freezes up after about 5 or 6 pages in to the process
Campaign Contributor
For someone who creates a lot of campaigns it is a constant hassle to not have a simple search box that can filter my campaigns by the Campaign Name. Especially if I'm looking for a particular campaign dating back weeks or months. To keep clicking the "View More Campaigns" button gets annoying. Where is the user-friendly experience?
On pervious versions of Constant Contact there was a way to skip to campaigns in the middle by selecting a page number. Since once cannot jump to a point in the middle and one has to hit refresh over and over to get there (and then as soon as one clicks on an e-mail and goes back to the main page, all the refreshing is gone!) it is very time consuming and difficult to find a campaign in the middle of a long list of campaigns. This makes the website almost unusable for these purposes.
It was much easier to look through old emails in the former format, but a word and/or topic search function would be great!
I need to get to a campaign from February. Is the only way to keep scrolling down? Are you serious!?
Campaign Contributor
Could I get the ability to sort by scheduled date also? This would give any user the ability to view their emails going out in a chronological order
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