Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Contributor
it would be great to have the option to search by name or/and by date range. I was looking for an eblast to copy the I sent out in early September and had to scroll so many pages to find it. I had to copy two eblasts and had to do it twice.
I would love to be able to search for old emails! I'm looking for an email I did last year...and without them on pages, it's taking forever to find, because I have to keep clicking "view more campaigns"
PLEASE make a search feature, by date &/or subject line, so we can retrieve and copy old campaigns faster than scanning through the entire list
Campaign Expert

Ditto here. I used to be able to find old emails--and I have hundreds of them--by easily selecting and then accessing an old page. Sometimes I was off by a page or two, but it was a simple matter to change the page number to find the one I wanted. Now, there is no way to find what I want without, as TriDeltaEO says, clicking "view more campaigns" again and again and again. Can you give this matter some serious attention? Sometimes "cleaner" is not always "better." Thank you.

Campaign Contributor

I'm too facing the same issue, need to be resolved this problem soon. Search for the campaign must be set somwhere above the list of emails as in the previous version :smileysad:

Campaign Collaborator

YESSS!!!! OMG... and when you click one to check if it's the one (and it ends up NOT being it) You're back to page 1!!!! 

Campaign Collaborator

Exactly my problem too... PUT BACK THE PAGE SEARCH already!!! Or better yet.. how about a search tool with varied choices!

Constant Contact Partner
Hello, the previous version of Constant at least gave you page #s, so if you wanted to view a sent item from May, you could guesstimate what page it was on. I didn't like how you couldn't toggle from different pages only at the bottom of the screen. Now it's really time consuming to click View More Campaigns A LOT of times in order to get back to something from May. I feel the site isn't all that user friendly in some aspects, and now it's worse. I'm so sad.
It would be so nice to have a search function. I don't like that you took away the date column, so you cant sort by date.
Campaign Contributor
Oh my goodness. Please make a search field to find old emails so that we can create a copy. It is time to work on Giving Tuesday again, a campaign I worked on 1 year ago. It is taking 15 minutes to search by date to locate them. Please, create a keyword search field so we can locate our emails an a more efficient manner.
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