Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Collaborator

I agree. It would be so much easier to search through old emails if there was a "search" button - I have been thinking that for the past year. At least with the old design, it was easier to find/scroll through sent mail. 

Brand Strategist
New system stinks and would be nice to be able to search eblasts by title and date
Campaign Expert
I cannot find my previous Campaigns in the current layout. Hitting show more isn't work for me.
Why can we no longer search for campaigns?
Campaign Contributor
Searching through campaigns that weren't organized in folders before the update is near impossible now. Prior to the update we could at least search by page number, with the update you've downgraded the search ability. Is there anyway to get a best searching system, or at least the old version back? Please and thank you!

There really needs to be a campaign search function.  We send out a lot of blasts, and some are seasonal from year to year.  We need to be able to back and find previous versions to update (or at least get information from).  Scrolling through pages and pages hoping to stumble upon what we are looking for is ridiculous.

I am trying to re-send an email from 1-1-2015 and it is taking FOREVER because I have to download every email sent over the last 2 years. I liked the way we could skip ahead 20 pages or so with the old layout. We need a way to search emails by date or something.

I wrote the same comment!! I don't have time to go through EVERY email when searching for one a year or two back!

Campaign Contributor
Just wanted to offer feedback on the new design: * Really missing the "Search" function for emails. My coworker and I are finding it a hassle to go back and find older emails we need to update for this year. * Also missing the thumbnails - with no search function, and no thumbnails to help identify, looking for past emails is very difficult. * Would love the ability to pick how many emails per page I can see browsing.
Brand Strategist

Is there a way to sort or search? I find myself scrolling forever down the list. The old way by page was a little easier

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