Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

It would be so helpful to have a Search feature for campaigns. There are times when I want to use wording from a previous campaign and can only find it by guessing what day I sent it. With over 86 pages of campaigns, that's alot to guess!
Campaign Contributor

I waited a long time for the Search bar to be added in order to look for a specific campaign. Just came across it today under Reporting, but it should also be under the Campaigns page. Seems like common sense and someone every other email provider has. Shocking Constant Contact still does not have this feature. The other issue is that it only does a search for what is already showing on that one page! That is ridiculous. The search should be searching ALL campaigns or reports, not just what I can already see on the page. PLEASE UPDATE THIS!

I'd like to be able to search through campaigns by date or by Campaign name.
Is there a way to search through your campaigns? I often want to use a search bar so that I didn't have to manually locate the past campaigns I am looking for.

Why has this not happened yet? The people want a search bar!!!

This would be helpful to find campaigns.
Please, please, please provide a way that we can search for things in campaigns.
PLEASE have a search function. I have made this a discussion point with your reps over the past four years. We have hundreds of email and would like to be able to search at least the titles if you are worried about cycles on the server. Maybe the user would be required to put in dates no more than one year or something like that. It is inefficient to put the email into a special category since we have hundreds of emails in the campaigns. We tried it and it was a wasted of time. Most of us have been here a short time. We can't be the only organization on the planet with this issue. PLEASE put the function in to Constant Contact.


PLEASE give us a SEARCH function.  You miss the point with trying to sell the sort function for most of us who have their own business processes. 


If it is server cycles, limit the search to titles or dates -- may be a year between search dates so for five years worth of searches you have to do five searches (but let us keep the results).


Less welcome, but better than now -- How about allowing us to EXPORT titles in an excel file with page numbers?  Maybe we can ARCHIVE the email campaigns to our own computers and search keywords there -- you can limit an export to 50 at a time or something like that.  ANYTHING.


We tried the sort function and it is a waste of time when you are in a dynamic environment.  We have hundreds of email campaigns.

It would be incredibly helpful and convenient to have a search function for previous posts (either by subject line or word. or section) to be able to find past posts to re-post. I have been using CC on a 52 week looping basis for 3 years now and am spending so much time trying to find what I would like to send for the week's post. Very time consuming!
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