Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Does CC have the ability to sort the campaigns by date. If I am looking for an old campaign and I know it went out in October of 2015, I don't know how to get to it quickly. The site takes an extrodinary amount of time to load in old campaigns. It took me an hour to load in a years worth and I could only go backwards...not able to select a specific date.
It would be awesome if we were able to type in some search words to find specific campaigns we've sent in the past. It would make it so much easier to find prior versions rather than searching manually through the long list of sent emails!
Campaign Contributor
Is there currently or can you add the feature to search My Campaigns. It would be helpful to be able to look for similar topics I know I've created previously without having to scroll through moths worth of campaigns.
Sorry but I don't like this new layout and process at all. I was determined to give it a try and no doesn't work for our business. Why? 1. We reuse our emails and you deleting our old ones does not work 2. Trying to get to photos that I want to use is harder than ever. I had our photos organized. 3. Lists that I have to keep asking for more just doesn't work. It is hard to find things quickly so a big waste of my time. 4. I was trying to find something, an old email, of a certain date and I could not get to it. Over all if this is the format you are going to use we are going to look for a new provider. If I have to learn something new I might as well learn something else.
Long-time user - would you consider adding some additional functionality to make searching easier? I frequently re-use emails from a year ago and I know the date to search, but it is very cumbersome to scroll through so many pages. Thanks!
You have recently changed how campaigns are listed, so that they are not arranged in pages that can be scrolled through. To go back and look for a campaign from a year ago is tedious and takes forever now. Please go back to pages of campaigns that can be scrolled back and forth quickly!
Marketing Legend

this is the third time i've posted on this site about the need for the Search Feature, and i've responded to "Customer Sastisfacton" feedback forms as well.... and yet hear nothing from CC on this for 2 months/since redesign. This is ridiculous that we are all asking for this feature and we have not heard ANYTHING from CC.  What is going to take? Have we not pleaded enough? Wasting more of the little time we have?

Campaign--how to search for previous campaign by name? Other than scrolling forever.
It would be nice if you could search for certain titles and certain time periods within the list of campaigns. I am trying to find something that was sent two years ago and it takes a long time to find it by hitting the "view more campaigns" button when I know what it was called and roughly when it was sent.


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