Adjust timing before "Are you still working?" message pops up

Could you please change the length of time it takes to get logged out due to inactivity? I find it kicks me out too quickly and a constantly logging back in. Thanks!

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The automatic logout is for security reasons, as your account contains sensitive information (Contacts, credit card info, etc.). After 15 minutes of inactivity, you should see an overlay asking if you are still working-- which will stay up for another 15 minutes. 


We can't guarantee a commitment to increase the automated time out but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be considered for a future release.


Please change the timeout feature for staying logged into our accounts from mere minutes to >6 hours.  It is frustrating, and from what I see in this forum, has been un-addressed since at least 2019.


This is not an issue on multiple other email platforms I have used so I do not believe there is a legitimate reason for the fast log-out.


I often have to switch windows to use my graphics program to create content to put into my email campaigns.  When I return to constant contact with the image, I have been logged out. 


This happens and it is frustrating.  It is giving me a poor impression of your product.  You are literally 'not there for me', because I've been logged out, again.


Thank you.


Please increase the login timer. Very frustrating to be logged out so often. Lots of unsaved work goes missing, etc.

(also echoing request to empower the "remember me" password check box, that apparently does nothing)


Thank you.

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It seems like this is a relatively popular request.

At the BASIC MINIMUM it would help if, once breaking the login timeout threshold, Constant Contact would actually LOG OUT and automatically forward us to the login screen.


Instead, if coming back after an extended time, it's easy to restart where you left off and complete some actions before unceremoniously being informed via popup that you are no longer logged in and need to refresh and log back in again -- thereby wasting time and adding to frustration.

Why doesn't CC just automatically forward you to the login screen upon timing out?

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We're seriously considering moving to . I'd rather not start over, but this is a ridiculously inconvenient feature of Constant Contact. You have enough subscribers that you can afford to fix this. Using the "security Feature" excuse isn't working.

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"Security" seems to be a pat answer to everything done to make us users less productive.  You would think we would know when our machine is physically secure or not.  I am not considering leaving Constant Contact, but others on this thread are.  For this reason!  


I have perhaps one suggestion, which I know nothing of the feasibility:  Store the user's progress so that when they log back on their session and all their work is automatically recoverable.  Short of that, you need to adjust the time as requested.


In the past I have been impressed with CC's customer service.  This non-committal answer will cost customers.  You at CC need to decide what loss of customers and good will you are willing to accept.

Beyond annoyed at the auto logout. All work gets lost it does NOT auto save. Spening way too much time recreating work due to getting logged out - right in the middle of creating a list. This needs to be fixed. Looking into other options because of this frustration.


 Add me to the list of annoyed users. I work remotely at my home in the woods with no one else around. I should be able to set my logout time. At the very least, CC should take into account activity on the computer, even if you aren't active in CC. I would understand if an entire computer were inactive for an extended period since that would make it more likely that it is unattended, but if the user is working on the computer, they don't want to re-login just because they were answering emails for while. 


Oh my gosh why hasn't this been changed yet? When I have a project I have to log in about 10 times  in a day to get it done! I'm so annoyed I'm looking for another service. How stupid!

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I find this to be very annoying as well. I rarely work for more than 15 minutes at a time in Constant Contact. Even the option to adjust the timer would be helpful. 


Echoing this. And to compound the frustration, this hasn't even been poorly addressed in FOUR YEARS. A cynical person would suggest this is intended to drive business away to competitors. 



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