Collect personal information through survey page

We will need to find another platform since you changed the survey tool. Missing:

Rate items on a scale
Skip question logic
Allow users to enter a comment
Contact block questions (collecting respondent information) w/ options to add to contact list or not)
Long text answers (500 limit current, compared to old 1000 character limit)
Landing / Closing pages

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This thread is only for feedback related to the collection of personal information through a survey page. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release. We've started to look into some options on our end to include a type of form that would collect personal information but there aren't any immediate plans to implement this in the product.



Since the original post, the option to rank answers either in order or on a scale is now available. We have active feature request threads for having the ability to include skip logicallow users to enter a comment, and edit the closing Thank You page. We ask those who come across this page to either comment or vote on these threads directly so your feedback is stored in the proper place. 


Adam called in to CtCt to give feedback regarding our surveys. Him and his team would like to see more characters be allowed for his audience to give a more detailed response. They would also like to see a more fluid option so that when someone would reply and wishes to give more than a simple "Yes" or "No" that it looks more professional.

Thank you - DJ 

Campaign Collaborator

Will be looking around for a good alternative to Constant Contact so we can make the switch. Every time CC forces an "upgrade," we lose capabilities instead of gaining important features. First it was eliminating the ability to edit html in emails and now the new survey tool doesn't allow a simple feedback rating -- no ability to have one question to rate several characteristics on an x-point scale with an optional Not Sure/Don't know. I have to make each characteristic a separate question, which makes the survey appear much longer, plus there isn't an option to add a "Don't know/NA". And having to screen grab to get the report of responses in graphic format is ridiculous. Very frustrating! 


Bah, I just spent an hour trying to find out how to add the "collect personal information" to one of the new surveys. Our survey is specifically used to gather personal information, but since that isn't possible with the new survey we're going to keep using the legacy one for the short term. If that option disappears before you re-enable this feature, we'll be looking for a new provider.

Campaign Contributor

I agree with the concerns already stated particularly Laura.

We are a professional nursing group and have used this survey as a post event evaluation and test that nurses are required to complete to receive their Attendance Certificate.

We are Professionally required to capture participant demographics (name, address and licensing) in order to provide an attendance certificate which we generate as an email after we receive their responses.

  • From the Contacts list participants are sent an email invitation to take the survey.
  • When the survey and post-test responses are received we send out Certificate emails to qualifying responses.
  • We create a report for the Conference Organizers and Speakers.

The new survey doesn't seem to have these features or flow. When will you close this feature, because we were counting on it for our next event on October 2021.




The Legacy Surveys had a section that we can add that asked for contact information and customized questions of those who took the survey. I do not see that feature in the new survey feature. Could you possibly add it to the new program?


Attached is what I am referring to: Capture.PNG


Hi @BetsyL4 thanks for sharing this feedback! Being able to collect personal information through a survey campaign is a feature request we are currently collecting feedback on. In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread focused on this feature.

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Thank you, @BetsyL4 for posting the image of what we also need. @Frankie_P, exactly when will the "collecting feedback" portion end and the new (old features from the Legacy Survey format, really) features be instituted in the surveys? As of right now, we cannot use Constant Contact for surveys because they do not collect the personal information that we need. We do these surveys monthly and as of this month (because the copy function for Legacy Surveys has been discontinued), we are totally out of luck here ...  😕   HELP!

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We also used this for professional organization in issuing Continuing Education Certificates. Here is what we can no longer do in your "improved" survey feature:

  1. We can no longer automatically send CE Certificates to those who complete the evaluation through a closing page.
  2. There is no longer the ability to have individual sections with headers and a set of questions under that section using the same scale. Each question has to be its own question with its own scale
  3. There is no way to export a filtered summary report, you can only run a full report. 
  4. We can no longer run a pdf full report
  5. Comments are no longer included on a summary report. You have to run a full report and extract the information from there and copy over to the summary report

Other things that are unsatisfactory:

  1. The survey appears to be longer now without sections
  2. The nicely formatted colored report is gone so reports are not as easy to read
  3. The entire survey is very vanilla, not professional looking at all
  4. Versatile? How exactly?

After more than 10 years I'm afraid we will need to be looking for a new platform as you simply took away all that was good with your survey. We cannot make useful what you are forcing us use. If you give us the option of keeping the old system and all it's options then we would be happy to stay with CC.

Brand Influencer

We are the same way.  What program have you found that will work?  We can't keep using constant contact.

Marketing Expert

Constant Contact, when will this be fixed? You have been "collecting input" for months now.

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