Create dropdown fields for sign up forms

I need to know the industry that my subscribers are from. In the profile update they provide that information in an un standardized way. Can there be a drop down list so I have consistent values in that field and can sort on it. otherwise, there a lot of different names for the same industry. Ii run webinars and Go to Webinar has a dropdown list for industry so all of the lists I upload from webinar registrations (they opt into the list) has standard industry responses. This is extremely critical. I can't ask my subscribers to update their industry or it will corrupt the CC data base for that field.


Agree that not having a dropdown menu is very problematic. I would have never expected such a basic function not to exist. Can you add this function ASAP please? Thanks 


Please add a dropdown question type for forms! 

This is literally the most absurd thread I think I have ever read. Like what? Are your developers 4 year olds? Literally, the easiest feature to be added. I will be leaving constant contact not because the feature has not been created but because it has been almost 6 years for you to "develop" something so simple. I can only imagine how screwed up everything else is if you cannot complete such a remedial task.




Wow, this thread has been going on since 2016, and there's still no drop-down feature. This is something that Mailchimp has had for a long time, and seems like a simple, necessary feature for Constant Contact to add. It's really disappointing.

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Please add the drop-down feature. I agree with many others wondering why this is taking so long when most other services have this?


This is crazy. This feature was requested since 2016. This will take a senior developer a few hrs to implement. How is it possible that his feature is not available yet? What factors do you consider when your users request a feature? How are you not capable of keeping up with the industry?


This is a basic feature not available in a paid service. Make it happen!


I agree with all of the comments that I have read.  Please add dropdown as a question type for custom fields.  Everyone needs this yesterday!


Please add a drop-down custom field. Everyone who signed up with you NEEDS it. You are making your customers disconnect from your company. Everyone is requesting it and it's definitely a good feature, your competitors have it already. You're too far behind the latest technology. Besides, this request is so simple.


Hello, I want to make a landing page and separate leads from different client types (we collect contacts from both wholesalers and contractors, who both need very different content). I can add in the pre-made field on my account called "Company type" but it opens a free dialogue box. This will create confusion when leads need to fill it out. I want to have it switched to a drop down menu with only the options that we sort clients by. This would keep my contacts list ordered properly.
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I can't beleive dropdowns haven't been implemented yet.

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