Create dropdown fields for sign up forms

I need to know the industry that my subscribers are from. In the profile update they provide that information in an un standardized way. Can there be a drop down list so I have consistent values in that field and can sort on it. otherwise, there a lot of different names for the same industry. Ii run webinars and Go to Webinar has a dropdown list for industry so all of the lists I upload from webinar registrations (they opt into the list) has standard industry responses. This is extremely critical. I can't ask my subscribers to update their industry or it will corrupt the CC data base for that field.

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Definitely needed!


This is something that is still being developed? Because as I see here, this topic has been showing the company this issue for years! I just bought the membership and it appears to be not working yet. Any news?

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I need this drop down form also


Please add a drop-down form!

Where does this stand? This is a feature that nearly all other tools can do!

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This is absurd that you're still collecting feedback. Just build the feature. Your customers want it. Other vendors have it. Don't get left behind. I should have the option of a custom drop down. And I should be able to do pre-populated country, state/province, etc. drop downs as well. Let's go CC.


Yes, please add drop down options!


yes to this also! 

I would appreciate the ability to add custom fields to forms. Thanks!


it's incredible that since 2016 we are wating the dropdown function and still nothing, please do it for us.

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