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It would be super useful if on the sign-up form under the text message consent where it says, "You agree to receive automated promotional messages from Healthcare Associates of Texas..." if this section could also include the language, "Message and data rates may apply."


Alternatively, if there was any way to add additional language to this section, that would be very helpful. I work in a highly regulated industry, and from a compliance perspective, there is more that my compliance team would like to add to this section. They would also like to include, "Text messaging is not a secure method of communication and caries some risk of being read by a third party. 


So, overall, if the text message consent had the option to add language to it, that would be incredibly helpful.


Thank you,


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Need to edit it further, but can't.

Hi @AdamR95


What edits are you looking to make?


Reply from @AdamR95 

Where the form has “Text me with news and offers” beside the check box. We feel it’s confusing to people that we just want to send our “Lake Alerts” which is important news like closing of our park, lowering the lake level, etc.
See here:

We’re not selling anything, like the example of the florist in the tutorial.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hello @AlysenV. Thank you for the feedback about the SMS opt-in form. I'll mark this idea as acknowledged. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


Hi, The current Text Message Signup says "Text me with news and offers". This messaging is not all relevant for what we want to use Text for in our business model. Can you please add an editable Text Field for this message. It could still be required and limited in space, but at least editable for the business. This is a really important issue for us and your support person said it has been requested before. Please let me know when we might expect to see this feature.

Thank you!



I don't like the auto-generated text on the signup page either. It says text me with news and offers. We will be using SMS for class announcements and reminders, not really for news and offers. 


Yes, same issue as above.  This is going to internal employees and "text me with news & offers" is unnecessary and a deterrent.  It would be great if it said "text me".  


Please advise!  Thank you.

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Same issue.

We are a homeowner's association and do not have a cart, nor do we do "marketing."  What we do is Neighborhood Watch, including Emergency Messages and Informational Messages. We aren't selling anything. Nor does our community have "Industry Leaders."  The check box should read "Text me with news & critical/emergency information.  Remove the word "Promotional" as well as "including cart reminders".  These are some very fundamental differences than businesses that sell. (We don't sell a thing!)


I did check the SMS Permission Policy (as well as TCPA regulations) and the language changes would still be in compliance. Why can't we get the SMS consent page to be in compliance with our needs while still meeting the requirements.

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