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I just got off of a chat with the support team.

I was told there is currently no way to post a single campaign to our website.

I am really surprised that there is no easy way to do this.

The only option is to use the archive method and post the js code for the archive.

This does not work for the way we apply it to our website.

In the past, I have tried posting a PDF version but that doesn't look very good.


The best method I have found is to post an iFrame on the site of the HTML version of the campaign.

It would make sense to me to have iFrame code easily accessible within the campaign to post it to a website.



Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @PSal. Thank you for the feedback. While this is not available in accounts, our Terms and Conditions prohibit framing of content provided by Constant Contact (see section 5.7 for full details).



How do you suggest I post our newsletter on our website?


The three ways to share a newsletter would be a link to the newsletter, PDF download, or the archive method you are already using. If the PDF isn't showing properly, you could take a screenshot of the top part of the newsletter and then link to the URL to have readers see the entire thing.


I want to use the campaign's source code to put on the firm's website, but I do not see that as an option. Please advise. 

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