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I'm disappointed in the new Survey results format. I am unable to print out individual survey responses, except to "Export Results" which gives me a very jumbled looking Excel file (csv), that prints in a very tiny space on letter sized paper due to the table style. This is poor design. If I attempt to File-Print the view of one individual survey response, I get a print preview that doesn't supply the entire survey, and yet provides me with a repeated page three times. This is nonsensical. Am I missing something?

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Hi @JenniferC0794. To clarify, are you looking to see how one respondent answered each question and export this information?

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No. I know how to do that. However, when I export all of the survey questions for one particular individual response, it gives me a csv file with a jumbled looking table, and it's very small upon printing it out. The excel file that it creates does not display in a very legible format.  I would rather open an individual survey, and print it out as displayed on screen. This doesn't seem like a possibility however. It doesn't print the entire survey - only what fits on one page. And it strangely lists the same page three times, as in, three pages (but with the same info on each one). It doesn't continue the rest of the survey questions onto the next page for printing.

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@JenniferC0794, thank you for clarifying. I'll open this idea up for voting and update if there are any changes to the reporting for survey pages. 

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I agree with @JenniferC0794 -- the export on the new survey is HORRID. Instead of giving me a Column A = Respondents, Column B = Q1, Column C = Q2, etc.; now we get Column A =Q1, Q1, Q1 (every respondent with their own line for Q1), then IN THE SAME COLUMN A... Q2 (followed by every respondent).


So, I have to manipulate the spreadsheet to see all of one respondents answers in one row (frustrating).

Also, if a respondent skips a question, then there is no line for that blank response. Making it even harder to move responses so there is one row per respondent.



Question - Response - First Name - Last Name - Email -Date/Time

How Old? -    25          -   Larry           - Smith         - Larry@abc.com - 4/5/21

How Old? -    32           - Susan          - Bradley     - SB@123.com        - 4/7/21

Hair Color - Brown   - Larry              - Smith         - Larry@abc.com - 4/5/21

Hair Color - Blond    - Regina          - Jones         - Regina@you.com - 5/4/21



Please consider changing the export so that a single respondent's information is all in one row.



First Name - Last Name - Email - Q1 (response) - Q2 (response) - Q3 (response) - Date/Time


This new survey option is awful! Before I could filter by more than one category and get easy to read results. Can't do that with this one. I decided to run reports for each respondent and the questions/answers are in the same order as any of the other respondents so that's a nightmare. If the legacy survey goes away and this remains as terrible as it is, we'll use a different survey company.


The summary page looks nice, although it would be nice to see summaries and percentages of all the responses (not just the most recent - I'm not sure how that is useful). 

But it cannot be printed, exported or anything else to where it can be used as a nice report -- which is what our board and funders would like to see. 

I suppose I could use a free survey service and do the calculations from the raw data (which are the full results exports csv), but why should I be forced to do that when this pretty summary report is already generated? 

Please fix this! 

I love the look of the new survey format, but please, please, go back to the original way of seeing individual results, being able to to print individual results, and then delete them. I desperately need to see, print, and delete individual surveys. I use mine as questionnaires for clients, so I don't need to see how their answers compare to others. Thank you so much for considering. You guys are great and I rave about Constant Contact all the time, but this change doesn't make sense to me. 😕 Please, please, PLEASE give me the option to print and delete!
bring back reporting on individual responses

I absolutely agree with the previous comments about exporting results.  The Excel/CSV document is so jumbled that it seems completely useless.  Unless I am missing something significant, even on-screen results seem unnecessarily segmented, requiring a reset for every individual question rather than being able to scroll through all results.  The "most recent" view seems more cumbersome than helpful.



I can only export all results into an excel file. Why am I not able to export the individual surveys into single PDF files? I have done this in Constant Contact before... what happened???
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