Exporting results for Survey Pages not showing in correct order

Is there any way to see the survey results in an excel format with percentages and analysis?

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To make sure we are tracking this feedback correctly, I'm going to call out some specific requests brought up in this thread:


  • A PDF version of survey results can be exported which includes bar graphs and tables (see image). Any other visual formatting, such as a pie chart, must be done in an external program
  • CSV - Export summary results to download and save a spreadsheet of the overall results for your survey. Each question/relevant answer is broken out by row and the column shows the number of answers/percentage
  • CSV - Export all results to download and save a spreadsheet of all the individual survey responses you received. This is displayed as individual by row, and how they answered questions in a column. For longer surveys, you can wrap the text instead of doing horizontal scrolling to see all answers


You can see examples of these reports in our Knowledge Base article.


There is a separate thread with the request to delete individual survey responses. Please vote or comment there instead of here.


We will edit this thread to reflect the issue of exported survey results not displaying in the correct order. If you require assistance with our Survey Pages tool, these question must be posted on our Get Help board to make sure your questions are answered in a timely manner.

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Hi @ChristopherC14851  exporting survey results in the formatting you have described is not currently available. It is however a feature request we would be happy to track on your behalf. In fact we have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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New survey tool is absolutely terrible so far.  I made the mistake of converting from a perfectly good survey with wonderful reports to the 'new and improved' version.  What a trainwreck!  If I wanted a raw spreadsheet that I would have to sort myself and still look 50 times worse than the product it replaced, I would be questioning my own sanity. 


My opinion of Constant Contact management for rolling this out now just went down by a few notches.  Serious error in judgement team!!!

This survey builder is awful. I see with the reporting, you can no longer delete a respondent. Since there is not a real testing function. I can go through it in preview, but when I hit submit survey, it doesn't go to the landing page. So I test it when published. The export is now just an exel spreadsheet. The one in the legacy survey presented the multiple choice and rating in a nice visual presentation, which saved so much time when providing the report to the requester. Now you made it on the reporting page without being able to export. I'll have to spend hours trying to recreate the report. The ending landing page is not customizable. It was in the old survey builder. I hate the verbiage at the bottom and it is not customizable. It doesn't make sense: If you just opted in, you're consenting to receive marketing emails from,,,, So unnecessary for a survey, since it is usually sent via email to a subscribed list. That statement should only be on an email. It seems like you took away a lot of functionality, and did not make it better. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.
I cannot export all survey results past 5000 lines. This makes it impossible for me to export all my survey data responses and analyze it. Your new survey platform and the way the data exports has made it impossible for me to properly analyze my data like I had done before which makes no sense to me when this was supposed to be an upgrade to the system. Please help me get my full list of data responses and please return back to the previous formatting for the data where it followed both the x and y coordinates instead of just putting every response in a new row. Thanks.
This is my first experience with the "improved" survey editor. I was disappointed to see the reduced functionality compared to the old version, collecting responder information in particular. But I am very upset that there are only two export options, and neither of them is a format than can be used for much of anything. Both are CVS, and they are not even in tabular form; more like paragraphs. What happened to the old .cvs formats and particular the .xls detail format? Surely the information in the new system is compatible with these.

Hi @DanC040 thanks for sharing your feedback on this! We are always open to ways we can better our user's experience and apologize for any inconvenience caused from the current file format when exporting your survey results. We have however moved your post to a larger thread on this request in the meantime. The good news is the more requests a thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

I am very concerned about the new survey module. The way the data is exported is not responsive to our use. We use these to collect data that must be further manipulated and the format in which it is exported does not lend itself to being useful. If this is not improved by the third quarter, we will need to consider moving to another platform. I have been a big fan of constant contact and your customer support. I'm not sure what has changed, but this is not looking good... I'm happy to discuss more specifically my concerns with someone who can do something about it. I've already contacted customer service. I can be reached at 623-882-7804.
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Hi @ChristinaP066. What type of formatting changes or displaying of the results would you like to see in the new survey page tool? 


At minimum, the export should provide the answers in the order in which they appear on the survey. The survey questions should be the column headers and each respondent should be in one row.


The way survey export is not good, it needs to be a matrix format... should have only one row per respondent and all their responses. The current way of throwing out in all the rows is so useless, it wastes my time to rearrange the responses. Look at google form you may get an idea.
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