Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search results...it would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

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Yes, this drives me crazy too! Add it to the list of complaints.

You need to go back to page numbers so when you edit or delete a contact it takes you back to the same page. Hate...hate...hate this new version.
I am deleting people who have not opened an email in a while, tagging people who have opened recently. Every time I finish doing that it takes me back to the first page of the contacts, not to the page I was on. I am looking at each individual contact, when I go back it always takes me to the first page of contacts.
I liked the BACK feature that was on the old version when working with contacts. Also when you deal with BOUNCES and you hit the recommended actions, does the program take the action or do you have to authorize and if so how?
So you go through the list to add contacts to a separate e-mail list, once you check the contact and add them to a specific list, you are taken back to the beginning of the list. Then you have to scroll back through all the contacts to get to where you left off adding contacts to specific lists. Slow and annoying.
This is really awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When something isn't broken, don't fix it. I used to able to enter and edit contacts so easily, now it's a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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As is, editing contact info is simply not easy. If I am a couple pages into my contacts, and I have to click on a person's profile and open a new page to change any of their info, there's no option to go straight back to where I was in the list. I am taken back to the first page of contacts, and have to scroll through pages again to get back to where I was. However, there is an option to edit email addresses directly on the "Bounce" page, so why is there no option to do this in the general "Contact" page? If you can easily change info on one page, that should be true for all pages.
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There is no easy way to edit contacts. When I finally get to the contact to edit, after too many clicks, I then want to go back to my list and there isn't a click for that either. I have to go back, reselect the list and scroll or page back to where I was working from. Not good. All of the updates you have done are pretty cumbersome from what I have seen, so far
When I am sorting through my contacts and I am at letter R and if I then click on a name and then click back to the list it takes me back to A and not to R which is annoying because then i have to scroll all the way down to R again. This is not bad in itself, but the website has become so slow that if this happens several times it can become quite time consuming. Also missing: to show 100 or even 200 contacts per page. Not happy
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The back buttons have been removed and it makes the website very inefficient.
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