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Go back to contact view when editing

When I'm working with contacts, sometimes I need to make changes to several contacts with the same last name. In the old contacts system there was a "back" option that would allow me to return to the previous search would be nice to still be able to do that instead of having to search again once I've looked at a specific contact's screen.

when I am in one list and click through each of the names to see when they opened which newsletter up, it takes way to manu clicks and time to get back to the next name in the list. Terrible!
Campaign Contributor
It is very difficult to move around in the new screens. If I am in bounces and pick a company to correct their email or remove (which I could not do) I can't get back to the original notice. I have to go back to emails and start over.
After each one, it brings me back to the A people on the first page. There should really be a way to update and then go back to wherever you were on you list, whatever page and letter you were on.
When I click on..who clicked a specific link.. I can't find the key to go back.
Campaign Expert
I am on the reports site for my latest email and I can't get back to the email page even when I click on the gray bar on the top with the link. So I have to go all the way out to the My Emails button on the top to get back to the main page of my emails. Not fun.
Campaign Collaborator
When in survey there is no way to get back to the survey once you click on the respondent details. Can that feature be added back? I have to either use the back button or click on the survey button and then again on my survey.
Please change the way how one can move through their contacts. When you scroll through your contacts and you are at the letter T and you open a contact and then go back it brings you back to A. Then it takes a long time to scroll back down to T. SUPER INCONVENIENT. Was not like that before, because - if I remember correctly - you could look at up to 200 contacts on one page. Thanks for your consideration.
It would be helpful that when you are navigating through all the contacts, that when you want to go back, it goes back to the page you were just on, rather than back to the beginning of the list.
Campaign Expert
I cannot skip to the page I desire, I was through nearly 30 pages worth of contact before the update. Now I have to skip ahead 30 pages. and every time I back the page up. I have to skip 30 more pages just to delete the contact. Then 30 more to check the next contact. It is inefficient and so much worse than the previous version. I recommend giving users the option to use this new format, or the previous format for managing contacts. I'm sure you would be stunned the amount of people who would switch back to the latter.

I do not consider the Contact page an improvement at all. First of all, I am not able to view all of my contacts on one page. Then, as I edit any of my contacts, save and go back, I am taken to the very beginning of page 1 instead of where I was just lastly at. I must scroll my way through the multiple pages to get back to where I wanted to be. This is very frustrating and a major time waster!

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