Include skip logic in new survey pages, Set questions to only show based on previous answers

Need the ability in the new Survey page feature to add skip logic functionality to questions. This is currently available in the legacy survey tool. The legacy survey tool should continue to be available for use until current functionality is available in the new survey tool.

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Our Product teams are in the works to review requested features for our Survey Pages tool, including the ability to include skip logic. This is a highly requested ask since it was available in our Legacy Survey tool. If we hear any updates or are able to share information surrounding release dates, we will update this post.


I just want to verify.


I've read several posts from 2021 stating that skip logic is no longer available.


Is this still the case or has Constant Content added that basic survey building capability back and I just can't find how to implement it?


Hi @cnurelations


At this time skip logic is not an available tool in survey campaigns. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. While we may not have a time estimate for this feature request, the more request a thread like these receive the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.


Skip logic certainly is an essential feature for the bulk of the surveys we have used on the legacy platform. We use the surveys to evaluate our customer satisfaction in our programs and if our customers don't participate in certain programs they do not need to answer a series of questions, but to do multiple different surveys is not feasible, nor is it feasible to have respondents skip the number of questions they would need to skip without the skip logic feature.

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@frankie_p and other CC mods: I'm not sure who you were listening to, but it certainly wasn't users of the legacy surveys!  Taking away basic functions for a prettier survey is NOT useful.  We're now contemplating having to make multiple surveys for different groups that attended our event due to the inability to add logic to the questions.  Honestly, we're probably going elsewhere to do this.  We were already contemplating ending our long-time CC subscription, but now it's hard to justify why we would stay.  We can't even do something as simple as adding a page break in a survey which is dumbfounding.  Mods have asked several times about examples of where your users use logic and it's been named several times, read these threads!  To add a few more:


Post event: we ask our attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors general questions about our event and then more specific questions related to their registration type. 

  1. Sponsors have sponsor related questions that general attendees do not need to see or answer
  2. exhibitors tend to not attend sessions, so they should have the ability to indicate they didn't attend sessions and skip the session related questions
  3. attendees do not need to answer questions related to exhibiting.
  4. Registrants that do not attend a tour or workshop do not need to see or have to scroll through questions related to tours and workshops
  5. Simply stated, surveys are often directed at different groups and clarifying questions help direct respondents to the correct questions.  This is no longer an option and there aren't even page breaks that would allow them to skip entire pages. 

Would you respond to a 50 question survey in which 35 questions aren't related to your experience, but you have to read through them to make sure? No because that's nonsense, you're just going to close the survey and not respond.  We just ran our election through the new pages and 130 people started the survey, but only 39 people actually completed it.  Why you ask? Likely because it was too long to scroll through with NO PAGE BREAKS.  We tried to shorten it, but there's necessary info & directions that have to be included.  


Also, what happened to the ability to insert the survey link in the emails?!?  These comments are over a year old and there are multiple threads on these features not being included and still nothing has been done to indicate that your customers are being listened to or that updates are on the way.  I spent over an hour on the phone with your support a few months ago going over some of these issues and crickets on follow-up.




Making the survey easier destroyed some functionality.  The skip logic was/is an important feature. 

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Caitlin_M and anyone else from CC who is listening - this topic has been around for a year.  Is CC going to fix the survey product and give us back critical functionality that was taken away with the new product or not?  I have over a dozen clients who have said that they're about to jump ship on CC if things aren't going to get updated.  (Thanks for working a little bit on the reporting, but that was some time ago.  What about skip logic, limiting responses to one per computer, etc.?)

We need skip logic for our sign-up forms. We offer multiple opportunities, and want to send a responder to the correct set of options.

It looks like there was feedback last year about frustration around skip logic - and there has been no action taken.  This is available on google forms, and was available in your earlier product.  Please provide an actual timetable for re-instating skip logic.

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We used the legacy survey tool in Constant Contact for years before its replacement. Since then, we haven't had a need for a survey. Now, we need to create three. I just discovered that skip logic is not part of the new survey interface in Constant Contact. Extremely disappointed in this. Skip logic is essential to our surveys! I've read some boards and see that CC engineers are looking into it. Any ETA? I guess I'll need to pay additional money for a account with skip logic functionality right now. Not happy.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Our Product teams are in the works to review requested features for our Survey Pages tool, including the ability to include skip logic. This is a highly requested ask since it was available in our Legacy Survey tool. If we hear any updates or are able to share information surrounding release dates, we will update this post.

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