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Setup the photo library into two parts - one part general and the other frequently used where I can dump the mastheads and any other photos I use regularly - so don't have to scroll through the entire library to change out my mastheads.


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We have several thousand images, and I would like to delete most of them. However, I can't see them from oldest to newest,, and I can't scroll allowing the menubar to remain in sight. These 2 features would sure make managing the library a lot easier. How about putting someone to work on that!
Unable to sort images to delete OLD ones

Can you please make an option to "view all" in the photo library? Having to click on "show more" is VERY time consuming. Especially when your photo library is very large. This is not user friendly. Thank you. 

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It would be nice to be able to sort by oldest first so you can delete old images more easily from the library. Or a better way than having to click on each individual image without deleting all of your current ones.
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Please add a sort by date in the library
Please enable us to sort the image files by date added - in reverse order
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Allow sorting of images, so you can get to the oldest uploaded images.
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Please add a sorting feature for libraries with more than 1000 files. I would like to be able to easily identify and delete either large files or the oldest files without having to go back page by page. Thanks.

Another request to add a sort from old to new with larger libraries - I am drowning in old photos I picked up when I assumed this job. Please please please add this feature you can do it when you are adding an image to a template so why not in the library - better yet, allow us to rename and delete images from the library too - now wouldn't that be helpful!! 


Has this request been considered further???  The original comment/suggestion was made 16 months ago and Frankie_P from CC said on 4/21/21 (above), "being able to sort by date or any other characteristics in an account with over 1,000 files in their library is a great feature request! In fact we have merged your post into a larger thread where requests are being collected on this."  WELL??????????????????????

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