More sorting options on campaigns tab

Hi! It would sure be great if my campaigns were listed in order of their scheduled send date, WITH the send date showing!!!!!



I have been using Constant Contact for many years and I am super happy with almost everything.

One thing that continually resurfaces is the poor search function. If I search under Campaigns for "PJ Park 2022" for example, these pretty explicit keywords find campaigns from 2016, 2017, 2015 etc, but I have to scroll through 21 campaigns until I find the event that I am looking for, namely "PJ in the Park 2022".  My keywords were in order and pretty darn close, don't you think? Why was the search so ineffective?

The weak search function is very frustrating because I am often asked to find a "sent" email and it takes a very long time. At the very least, there should be a filter for most recent.

Sylvie Bordeleau


We need to be able to filter options such as title, date sent, keywords when doing a search for email campaigns. Right now it's only search by keywords and it pulls emails from years back. I don't even have the option of sorting the results by date sent.

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