Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option


Such as. Christian  templates 

  Come on Guys

I'm always frustrated that there are no selections for theatrical performances/events/auditions. There's nothing specific to drama, music, or fine arts that I've seen. Furthermore, once I've used a template, I can't find the name of it easily without going through everything again. Such a record would be useful--even a way to hover over a background previously used in order to learn what and where it was would be helpful.
Campaign Contributor

I'm impressed with the amount of templates you are now offering!  Thank you for such a variety!  I'd like to make two suggestions (the first you might already be working on?) - it would be really helpful if they could be grouped better.  What I mean is I've scrolled through them all and have found, let's say many Thanksgiving templates but they're scattered throughout instead of in one section.  And when I do a search, they don't always all come up in the search.


The second suggestion is that I would like to see a few more Easter templates that enhance the Cross of Christ; in other words, with a more religious theme besides the Easter bunny.  The same goes for the Christmas templates...a little more offerings showing the birth of Christ - I only found one.


I LOVE CC....thanks again!


I've used constant contact for over a decade to communicate with our clients.  They used to put out some new email template options every couple years for different holidays.  They've now been the same for templates for years w/out much "fresh" to choose from.  Understand this is a business opportunity for you to create custom templates, however you should be providing monthly subscribers a few new options of more generic templates to choose from.  Hope this changes sooner than later.


Dear All, 


I work in a tech company and I couldn't find any tech related designs or templates 


Why don't you have a President's Day layout?  Would like to send an email to our customers letting them know we are open on President's Day  -it is a federal holiday.

Constant Contact Partner

agree.  is constant contact sleeping?  why are there no wide newsletter templates?????



Our business uses your service to inform our members of events, news etc & love the service. 

We would like to see more template options though.  

Some examples include sports templates (basketball, baseball, football...)


Would love to see you add monthly templates, January, Feb. etc. and a farmers market template


You really have nothing for dance studios!  Please add templets for Dance!

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