Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

need summer themed templates yestday. you have zero. when will you put some up.
How about some new templates?? You have had the same templates on here for 3 years. My readers are bored and so am I. Give us some variety please or I will have very little choice than to move my list elsewhere. Please John Todora
Hey ya"ll have nothing for Mothers Day, Fathers day. Wouldn't it be smart to cover all major holidays with templates. Bet memorial day wont be there too!
Campaign Collaborator
Your an email marketing service...have you looked around to see how marketing forums have evolved? How can you offer such a limited amount of templates? and you barely ever update?..Why do I have to look at holiday templates in July? Its such a struggle each time to try to think creatively with these outdated templates. Please spend more $$ on your creative team..ehhhh!!..
Please consider having some Templates that focus on Store Sale, Discount Products, Clearance Sale, etc. Thanks! Lin

I'd also really like to see the functionality of the text being all the way left justified, just as a plain email. Many other email providers offer this as an option and might have to leave Constant Contact to be able to send out an email....THAT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE AN EMAIL. Such a novel and simple idea. I really don't understand why this isn't an option yet.

you guys need to get some new updated templates
Campaign Contributor
I work for a non-profit organization that is Residential Building related. Therefore, all of our events are related to the builders and the industry. It would be helpful to have more themes and templates to choose from that are related to the industry. Thank you.
NOT necessarily complaining - but you guys did a great job in the past with various holiday templates - will we be seeing more in the new 3rd generation editor? I was used to seeing so many more in older versions and I think it's what sets C.Contact apart - the ability to have 'ready made mobile templates' for all occasions....thanks.
Campaign Collaborator
For 2016 can you please!! design some new templates? They are so old (5-6-7 years old) and getting boring. I have no enthusiasm to create new emails..yichhhs
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