Quality of image is low when auto converted from PDF

Every time I upload PDF files to show in the body of an email they appear extremely fuzzy even though they are high res files. Hope you're able to improve this soon. Thanks.


Hi @JeffM140. We're trying to collect more information on the type of image and the image size that exists prior to the upload. Did you review our article on preparing images before uploading? If you followed the recommendations and the image still has low quality, please email us at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the name of the image or the URL and a reference to this post so we can review this further.

Has anyone resolved this? I had to make some edits in PDF and it is fuzzy after I uploaded it. 


Hi @LaurasHouse1994We're trying to collect more information on the type of image and the image size that exists prior to the upload. What edits did you make to the PDF (file size, dimensions, etc)? Did you review our article on preparing images before uploading? 


I've been having the same issue with uploading PDFs (which were properly formatted/sized for emailing) - they looked pixelated and blurry. The workaround that I found was to upload a PNG of the same file (sized to 1200 pixels wide), and then linking to the PDF document. It works, and the emails look better, but it definitely adds an extra step of creating and uploading two separate files.


I'm following up on my comment from last month - I was editing an email in CC tonight, using the same workaround as described above, when suddenly in the middle of editing I no longer have the option to link my image to a PDF (which is still the only way I've figured out how to eliminate the blurry/pixelated issue with PDFs in emails!)  I hope CC resolves this ongoing issue.

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