Resubscribing contacts in Beta

We are already having problems with how difficult it is to resubscribe our members who have realized they mistakenly unsubscribed. Having the old option to send a resubscribe email when requested by the former subscriber is a far simpler method for us and our community.


Hi everyone! While this feature is not currently available in our update Contacts tab, it is a  feature request we are continuing to collect feedback on here. We will reply in this thread when there are any further updates to give. In the meantime, the workaround we suggest is to send the unsubscribed contacts a link to your Sign Up Form so they may resubscribe through there.


We are a non-profit and work with volunteers and members, allow a spot to attest that we have the permission of our volunteers and members to be contact by email and remove the unsubscribe button or allow us to have  message that warns them of the consequences.  It would also be nice to have a link or portal where they can answer the very specific questions you need to manually override the system instead of them having to send me an email with the information and then me calling to have it reactivated.


When contacts accidentally unsubscribe there needs to be a simpler way to add them back to contacts. The new sign up form is okay but challenging from a user perspective because you can't send it through Constant Contact because the user has unsubscribed.

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10/15/20 - I can't tell you how unhappy (you can make that MAD!) I am with your new policy where you have removed the resubscribe button. Occasionally a subscriber made a mistake of unsubscribing and I was able to get them back by explaining that they would get an email and be able to correct their mistake and get back on my subscriber's list. It is impossible for me to even comprehend how your new procedure works! I think you have made a gigantic error in removing the resubscribe button and I think you should put it back immediately. I was fortunate to get your employee Donny on the phone when I called. He was patient and knowlegable in his help and I appreciated this more than I can say. You are fortunate to have an employee like Donny! I have been a customer of Constant Contact since 2004 and have often written to your company to express my pleasure when someone helps me. This is the very first time I have written to complain about something that I think is very wrong. Judy Ward - SJP News




I agree. The new system is terrible. It is not user friendly. There is no unsubscribe option!!!!!!.  We have a number of people who are older and accidentally hit the unsubscribe button. It was easy to resend with the older system. Need this fixed NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some of our members are calling us to tell us they are not receiving our emails.  When we look at their names it says unsubscribed.  They tell us they are not doing that.  Not sure what they are clicking on to make it happen, but apparently it is.  Suggest you make it more difficult to unsubscribe or make it easier for us to resubscribe them.  Know there may be some legal difficulties with this, but our older members will not understand how to resubscribe when I send them the form that the repr told me to send them.  Thank youl


Please restore the resubscribe feature! You're an email company, for heaven's sake. People accidentally unsubscribe all the time, especially when you have an older clientele. Your contact form was incompatible with other features on our website so we had to delete it. We have no way of bringing people back to our weekly email, other members have to forward it to them each week, they shouldn't have to do that. Please.

Our customers are mostly older and sometimes have issues understanding computers. I have had several customers in the past that accidentally unsubscribed but I was able to send a resubscribe request through constant contact. With the new platform I can't re-invite them. I have a customer today that wants our emails but accidentally unsubscribed. Please help with this problem by giving us the ability to re-invite again.

It is ridiculous that this was not part of your update to begin with. Please get it done. I have too many Seniors who cannot manage a hi-tech solution. I had created a resubscribe page on our website. Have you made that usable as well, or Must I go through yet another long, drawn out way to create yet another landing page. Thanks,


PLEASE...begging that you make this a simpler process.



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