Resubscribing contacts in Beta

We are already having problems with how difficult it is to resubscribe our members who have realized they mistakenly unsubscribed. Having the old option to send a resubscribe email when requested by the former subscriber is a far simpler method for us and our community.

According to your help section, Constant Contact is working on a way to resubscribe clients who have opted out, and now want to start getting emails. It isn't available yet. This is unacceptable. I have parents who need to receive important emails about their children's classes and have no way to resubscribe them to our email lists. Your Reconfirm Opt-In section was useless
We used to be able to re-subscribe a contact who accidentally unsubscribed (by the way, why can they not unsubscribe from just one list rather than be unsubscribed from everything?). We just had to wait for them to confirm that they wanted back on. Now there appears to be no way to do that. What's up?
The majority of the people who receive our Weekly Bulletin through Constant Contact are 70+ years old and are unfamiliar with computers and the internet as a whole. I have had multiple members accidentally unsubscribe and now I cannot automatically resubscribe them when they call in. Instead, I have to walk them through how to find an old Weekly Bulletin, find the "update profile" option, and any steps after that. The old contact list was much more user-friendly than the current. Please add a resubscribe option back to the contacts page.
Campaign Contributor

I totally agree that the resubscribe button needs to go back immediately.  I have the exact same problem as Lettie above - my older subscribers occasionally unsubscribe by accident.  Now it is impossible to get them back and they are mad and leaving my service.  This is just crazy that you removed something so easy and refuse to put it back.  How difficult could it be.  This is the first time I have been so disappointed with Constant Contact and I have been with you since 2004.

Judy Ward

I have contacts that have accidentally unsubscribed themselves. There needs to be a way to resubscribe them. Please. Please. Please.

Before the recent changes, it was easy for us to re-subscribe a member when they opted in again. It was so simple, we upload our file, constant contant contact rejects them because they unsubscribed before, we re-subscribe them, constant contact automatically sends them an e-mil to confirm if they want to subscribe. With this new change in constant contact, we have to manually enter their first name, last name and e-mail address. We had a few of our members who re-subscribed lately and I had to manually put all of them in. This is such a waste of my time. Please put the previous way of handling subscription. If this is not possible, please let us know so we can look for another vendor and not go through this manual re-subscribing our members.

What I have to say has already been said numerous times before, so no need to pile on.  Just put together a user friendly procedure to allow us to get our folks "re-subscribed"


Jim Bergner

American Legion 

Campaign Contributor

I have a newsletter that people pay for.  I do not have a sign up form as that would allow folks to sign up without paying.  I cannot believe you took away the resubscribe button!  Now it is necessary for me to bother you on the phone every time one of my subscribers mistakenly unsubscribes.  This is a waste of time for me as well as your technical person.  I have written to the president of Constant Contact about this glaring error on your part with your new update.  

Judy Ward

We have had a big problem with Brick Church members either being involuntarily unsubscribed, or unsubscribing by accident over the last several years. To make matters worse, the new Constant Contact interface took away the ability for us to help those people re-subscribe. Please fix this immediately!

Hi @JustJudy it appears the experience you're sharing feedback on is different from the original post you commented under. That original post was focused on resubscribe process available before this update contact system was made available. Because you are reaching out about adding the resubscribe feature into our updated contact management dashboard I have merged your post into a larger thread specifically on this resubscribe button.

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