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I want to provide feedback on a negative experience I had with your sales representative, Jack Blatchford.


On our initial sales call, I asked him a series of very specific questions about the capability of Constant Contact's integration with MindBody, and he assured me that everything that we wanted to do would be possible.


A couple days later when I had my onboarding call, I learned that nothing he promised was possible.


I called and emailed him right away to say we were no longer interested in proceeding with our account and requested a refund since the only reason we signed up was because of the promises he made, which turned out not to be true.


He told me he'd process the refund. He called shortly thereafter to say he needed more information from me before he could process the refund. I missed the call and called back. He did not return my call until I followed up with him about a week later. That resulted in a game of phone tag, until finally I asked him what information he needed and asked if I could just provide it via email since we were having a hard time connecting. He said I just need to speak to billing, but he did not provide me with the phone number. So I asked for that number, and he emailed it to me.


By the time I called billing, a full month had passed since I had originally put this request into motion, so the billing department told me that they could not guarantee a refund and they would have to submit a special request.


What's more, Jack never canceled our account, so we were billed again on June 24.


I finally got a hold of a billing representative, and she let me tell my whole story. I forwarded her my email chain with Jack, and she said she'd get the refund taken care of in a couple business days.


I understand that he may have originally not fully understood the integration with MindBody, and mistakes happen. That's not what I'm upset about. I'm upset that he did not then cancel our account and did not simply tell me to just call billing to get the refund. It should be the business's responsibility to handle the mistake and not the customer.


Thank you for listening.

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Hi @AlindaM2. Thank you for the feedback regarding your experience with our Sales team. I apologize that they were not able to follow through with the request to close your account in a timely manner. I sent your feedback over to the appropriate teams for review.

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