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Hello, I am incredibly impressed with the level of service I have received form Constant Contact and tell folks all the time it is the best company I have ever worked with. However, that being said there is something I need or else I will be looking elsewhere for service(I HATE SAYING THAT). You need to include a column in the reports section that we can export. We need to be able to see the engagement level of our customers so we can order them from greatest to lease and vice versa. From a sales perspective this is a must. I can remove hundreds from my list that have never opened an e-mail or I can call the folks in person that have opened everything I have sent. Without this ability I am missing HUGE opportunities to know who is hot and who is cold. Please do this ASAP, I have been asking for 6 months and have seen nothing yet. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE CONSTANT CONTACT! Please!!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Because many of the requests made on this thread are currently available through contact engagement, so we are going to close this idea. Please feel free to continue voting and commenting on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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The engagement list for a single contact is not as well organized as it used to be. Before, I could easily see and sort how many opens, clicks and bounces a contact had for all the emails sent. Now I have to scan a long list, hoping to find the info I'm looking for and only the bare bones of information is available. It is time consuming, not as informative and burdensome to use. My boss likes to see a report of unsubscribed contacts each month. While the new reports page is delightfully interactive, after many searches, I am yet to find where I can see a list of our unsubscribes by date. Before you could export informative reports sorted by date with name and reason for leaving. Now, it's just a fancy graph and some gigantic buttons. Please bring back the tools we need to cultivate our contacts properly.
Guys you cant easily see what emails which contacts opened and clicked on. you could in the old version. The engagement screen is ultimately pointless. Who cares what grey email lists they recieved? this is the most basic info. What emails did they open, how many times did they click on which link? where is this info? Also make this info available in the search menu. ie if you search for all emails I want to see all the emails sent, clicks and opens for all these emails search results
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Under email reports> unique clicks> list of URLs clicked and readers names> select reader name the detail clicks are not clickable in the box with elevator to show all links clicked by an individual reader. Example, I place 6 product links in an email. Later I want to target market Joe Doe with all the product links he clicked w/o having to pull his name from 6 individual URL link reports. Terry Wilson unitedfarmers
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Fully agree - it is urgent that you. fix this.

Previously I would remove bounced or undeliverable emails manually. It was easy to scan 90 days of open history for the contact in question. I was finding previously that email addresses CC was telling me were undeliverable were somehow still opening so I would leave them in. If a contact showed no open history in 90 days then I would manually delete. It's impossible to see that info with this new format.
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This is a waste of space. In the good old days we could actually see data on which links the contact clicked. Now all we see is a cryptic list that does not open to reveal any additional information, Make is useful or get rid of it. Impress me with functionality not a lot of fluff filler to make it appear the IT folks are actually doing more than just annoying thousands of electrons to fill empty space.
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I used to be able to search and modify contacts within an email list. I now have to go page by page through thousands of our emails to find the few I am looking for. I also find that most of the time the email lists showing are barely half of the email lists we have. I have to log in and out to get to scroll down to the email list I am looking for. Loves the old search function better!
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I am in the reporting section and want to review which contacts clicked which URL links. Before... I was able to click on the contact number that clicked the link, see the names and then there was a URL link available for me to click and review what they clicked. Now I am having a to do multiple clicks back and forth from the names back out to the link and hope I remembered how far down the list I am and that I clicked the right one. I do not want to "Export" everything (an export of the ENTIRE Clicked would be nice). I see the URL link above but having to copy and paste into my browser is again another step. We have multiple links in our email and this has made creating a report of the people who clicked what link very cumbersome. PLEASE REVIEW THIS PROCESS!!! There has to be a better way!!
Absolutely ridiculous that your columns represent the rows of a spreadsheet and vice versa and your application does not offer horizontal scrolling. Why make the user recreate a matrice with column/row cell positions of the information they want to import when the old way offered a visual by scrolling so we could actually see what information they want to import. Also, the Email Lists on the left are to cramped. Please, please go back to the former method or improve on it somewhat, your rows and columns should correspond to a spread sheet's rows and columns.
Is there any way I can get a report of engagement record for a specific contact? at least the last 10 campaigns. Thanks
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