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I have been a long time customer. there are flaws in the restrictions that are on marketing managers to compete the job. The phone system where the calls are recorded are not great they crackle and make it hard to hear it needs a upgrade. 

it would be great to have a  call where I can go over on a computer an email campaign and review with the marketing manager. for people more visual this would help

I found tracking where the work was was a bit hard and items get lost in my inbox.  if it linked to a program like Monday or slack where you could track content progress would be helpful. I would love to have the button to check it right in my account page.

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Hello @RachelM715 ,


Regarding the sound crackling, it seems more like there might be either an issue with the call's connection, the agent's internet, or potentially their headset that you'd want to email them about so they can check some things on their end. 


Regarding the second point, does your marketing manager not screenshare your Constant Contact browser tab when you're working on the campaigns? Or are you unable to login to your account during the call to see the campaigns they're discussing?


For tracking work, you can request the agent present tasks in other ways. If a calendar (e.g. Outlook or Google) event or something similar would work better for your purposes, I'm sure that could be arranged with your specific agent. Otherwise, things like Slack and other similar chat programs tend to have hefty licensing fees that wouldn't be as viable, especially when we already have such programs that are only licensed for internal work conversations and internal accessibility only. When you say you'd want a button to check right in your account page, would the calendar view for the campaigns fulfill this basic check-up functionality?

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