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extra clicks, extra steps, did anyone consider the user experience? why not fix the bugs instead of breaking things that actually worked most of the time? your lack of respect for my time and effort as a user is shameful.

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Hi @user59424 we’re sorry to hear you feel this way! What about our updated Social Share feature does not fit your needs?

The original comment says it all, extra clicks, extra steps. The whole purpose of the social share to the end user is that when they see the picture on Facebook and click on it they get directed to the constant contact email. Now, they have to click on the photo, then click on the link... two steps and many, being lazy will not do that.... go back to the old system... why did you change it... it worked, it was not broken, at least give your users, your paying customers the choice... old system or new systerm... bob sussan... i administer a few constant contact accounts for a few nonprofits and am not happy at all.



totally agree. I have been trying to get it to work, to no avail. So disappointed. 

Status changed to: Clarifying

Thank you all for the information shared in this thread. We would however like to clarify the original post on this thread. Are you looking for less steps and clicks when creating a social post, or when a reader is viewing the post on your social pages? As for having the image in your social post navigate to the linked content - we recommend sharing your need for this on the thread dedicated to that feature.

Campaign Contributor

I so agree that clicking the photo to take you to the newsletter/post is preferable, instead of clicking the link. Right now I cannot get a photo to show up when I do a Facebook share. Twitter is working okay. Frustrating.


Hi @PatCook

An update was made so images included with Social Posts link to the webpage version of newsletters. Does this help fit your needs? As for your image not showing up on Facebook, what exactly is happening? Are you receiving error messages? What image are you selecting?

Campaign Contributor

I think the image was too small because it was less than 500 px.  Is there a way to change the size of the image in the library?


Hi @PatCook


At this time, having the ability to "resize" an image with exact dimensions in the image editor is a feature request that is currently under consideration. The two workarounds we suggest is to open image editor > Click Transform > on bottom click Lock Resolution > change the width to the desired size > click tab and the height should change > click export or to use an external image editor to resize the image.

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Information

Since we have not heard back from some commenters and did not receive the requested information, we will be closing this post. Additional feedback can be submitted by creating a new post.

One comment mentioned photos on a social post not linking to a campaign. This was fixed in October 2022.

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