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I would like to suggest that there be a function to move an email campaign to a landing page. To do so would save so much time and energy - it is important for us to be able to update without changing the link each time.

Thank you

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Hello @StolleryF ,


For clarification, are you looking to have a single URL that always displays the most recent email? Or is your goal to code something into a landing page so that the link always updates to whatever email URL you assign for it?


Is this in reference to a custom landing page you've made through us? Or would the existing archive widget that can be coded into pages on your website be more applicable?


If you're looking for something to just code into your page, but not the archive widget, how would you want the email link update to work? Would you be wanting every latest email to overwrite the previous one automatically? Or would be expecting something to be toggled while scheduling the email? If multiple emails are scheduled for the same date/time, how would you want the auto-update to choose which to display, without manual input?

Campaign Collaborator

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply.

We use the email campaigns to send information to patients.  We send a Welcome, Day 2, 3, 4 and Discharge message providing a link to e-newsletters in constant contact via sms.  The design is that we have all the messages linked so that if a family is only inpatient for a day and get the welcome message, they can still access the next messages by link in the welcome email. Therefore, when we make updates in any of the days, we have to re-save them and re-link them. It is tedious.

IF, each was a seperate landing page, with a constant URL that would not change with the edits made, none of the additional copying of a newsletter to make edits, with new links would be required.

I have no idea about widgets, etc.

It is actually my last day here so will leave this with my team


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