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2023 Year in Review


That’s a wrap! As the year comes to a close, the Community team wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the growth, changes, and engagement we saw in the Community.


One of the most exciting highlights of the year was the addition of 50,000 new community members. We appreciate you joining in on the fun! If you haven’t yet, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and let us know more about you!


In recognition of the contributions and active participation of our members, we awarded an impressive 4,500 badges. I encourage you to wear these badges with honor! Thank you for participating and bringing your unique voice to our humble space.


Here are some big wins we're proud of:


  • 062_Icon_social-reach_FF502C_Orange_48x48.png

    625,000 visitors to our online Community

  • 003_Icon_add-contact_1856ED_Blue_48x48.png

    50,000 new community members

  • 055_Icon_rejoice_FF502C_Orange_48x48.png

    4,500 badges awarded

  • 036_Icon_idea_1856ED_Blue_48x48.png

    1,120 new ideas posted

  • 017_Icon_create-email_FF502C_Orange_48x48.png

    1 million blog views


As much as I enjoy patting myself on the back, none of this would be possible without our wonderful members!

2023 was also a year of change, as we made many modifications and improvements to the Community in terms of new spaces to engage with your peers and digest valuable content.

- Please consider joining our Retail & Ecommerce group and Nonprofit group to make new friends and share tips, tricks, and more relevant to your industry! -


Behind the scenes, our team also saw some big changes with teammates coming and going. We greatly appreciate the time and effort from our departed team members, but also excited to welcome new faces! 


Speaking of, you’ve probably seen @Chris-S hangin’ around different boards. He’s the new fearless leader of our motley crew and let’s hope he survives the experience!


Thank you to all the members of the Constant Contact Community for making the space what it is and we look forward to another year of growth, collaboration, and fun!


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