What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in working/running a nonprofit?


Running or working for a nonprofit organization can be tough, right? Limited resources, tight budgets, and all those complex regulations can really throw some curveballs. But hey, here's the thing: we're all about finding creative solutions! So, let's chat about the biggest challenges you've faced in the nonprofit world and how you've managed to conquer them.


How to Share Your Story:

  1. Comment below: Share your challenges, your mindset while dealing with them, and what strategies helped overcome them?

  2. Include Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words! If you have any images, videos, or other visuals that accompany your story, feel free to share them. They add a personal touch to your narrative.


Lookin' forward to hearing from all of you!

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager
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One of my first roles when I got my bachelor's degree was in a nonprofit animal rescue. I loved the mission and of course, every animal that came in and was adopted. 


The biggest challenges were trying to do so much with so little. Our email system and website were on outdated system run by a third party we could hardly get support from and our social media strategy was lacking. With no budget I did a ton some research and found Google offered free ads up to a certain $ amount each year and free email domains for non-profits. 

We also moved to a new website manager where we could easily darg and drop elements onto a page and make changes in seconds. Social media got a whole content plan and strategy around how often we would post, the voice/tone and many other elements. 

You get quite resourceful with no budget involved. 

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How about you @TanyaL839, any advice or comments to share?

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