Bounced Delivery

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I see that the primary solution for managing bounced emails is unsubscribing them, but this member insists his email address is valid, and I can email him from a regular email platform just fine. How can I get Constant Contact to accept this email address as valid? He wants to receive his society's emails. 

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Hello @user821922 ,


It will depend on the bounce type, as well as the receiving network. If it's a valid email address (including checking that it's spelled correctly), but it keeps bouncing as non-existent or blocked, then something needs to be changed in the receiving network to allow us to email them. Otherwise, we'll just keep getting bounced back. 


I'd recommend checking out our main article on bounces and managing them, to see what options are available based on the type. Otherwise, I'd advise speaking with the Delivery team if you're unsure of how to handle the contact.

William A
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