Broken Export

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When I select Bounces to delete and try to export that list, I get a message that says that's not working. I have brought this to your attention several times. The last time the agent said they know that to be a problem and "they're working on it."


It has been over a year that this problem has existed. I know there's a workaround - create a new list and export those names to that list - but I shouldn't have to do that month after month.


So, as one who rarely complains, I'm complaining!!

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Hi @GerritG ,


Thanks for raising this issue to us again. I do see it's still in our backlog, I apologize for the continued trouble. I know you said you were aware of a workaround of creating a new list. If it's helpful, if the issue you're experiencing is exporting the "Recommended for removal" category, the issue does seem to be specific to that category. If you change the bounce report to show "All Types" (or a different specific category of bounces) you should be able to export that list. I only say that in case you find it easier than making the list, but I understand that regardless of workaround the issue still persists for you.

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