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Button not clickable when sending a survey via a campaign

Campaign Contributor

We created a survey in Constant Contact, then emailed it using a CC campaign to our list. Many users reported that the standard "Let's Go" button in the email that takes users to the survey showed that a link was present, but clicking the button did nothing. Some users specifically reported this in MS Outlook. We did another email and also copied the survey URL into the email in case the button didn't work. The users who clicked on the link were shown in the report not with their own data, but as having the name of our team member whose name and email address were used as the reply-to for the email campaign. How can we ensure that we don't need this workaround in the first place - since it doesn't give us our users info - and ensure that the button works for all users?

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Hello @LeSar212 ,


That doesn't sound like any behavior I've seen before, but without being able to test a live send I'm unable to troubleshoot it further. I'd advise calling our general support so they can confirm security permissions, and get themselves setup as a contact or work with our Tier 2 team to see if they can recreate the described issue in a live send environment.

William A
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