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I am writing to seek your assistance with transferring the main (billing) account access. Our colleague, who was responsible for managing this account, has recently left the company. As a result, we are unable to manage user accounts or pay the upcoming bill.

I am currently one of the users on this account, and you may verify that I have been the only active user for the past two months. To ensure continued access and uninterrupted service, I need to transfer the main account access to myself.

Could you please guide me through the process of changing the main account access to my email address?

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Hello @user35926 ,


If you're unable to login using the current account owner's credentials, or unable to access their email for forgotten username/password and MFA reset processes, then we'd need you to call general support. That way we can securely confirm a few details, go through our standard protocols, and get a case submitted to a team lead for the account ownership transfer.


If you are able to get logged in using their email and login credentials, then I'd recommend following along with our article on account ownership transfers.

William A
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