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Hello - I'm working with a new non-profit and brain-stoming a way to assist in their record keeping and outeach. I'm well versed in creating emails and events, uploading and inserting library files into emails and events, but this question pertains to the following: For each record (contact) the non-profit has various associated scanned files (JPEG or PDF etc ) and there's no way around that, although we can always convert everything to JPEG which I believe is one of the allowed library file formats. We'd like to be able to somehow link each contact with their associated scanned files. We can always put the JPEG files in the library and create a folder and file naming structure that would allow retrieval separately from the contacts database, but it would really be nice if there was a method to link and retrieve these scanned/photo files in one step via the contact interface. Any thoughts appreciated along with thoughts on a possible different program (shhhh - sorry Constant Contact lol!) but I'd love to stay with CC since I'm so familiar with creating emails and events through the program. TIA!

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Hello @fasboard.ng2 ,


To be honest, there's nothing in the system for inherently auto-inserting or otherwise tying a particular file type to a contact, including image file types. You could setup an email with a dynamic content block based on a specific contact detail, and make individual blocks to display based on every single contact - but the feasibility has diminishing returns the more contacts you'd be sending to with a single sendout.

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