Constant Contact Reportedly Slowing Down Member's Computer

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I had a member report "when I receive and open your newsletter on my outlook, it’s really slow and it slows down everything else ON MY COMPUTER. Only your emails seem to affect my computer in this way so it’s been hard to feel like opening them and risking losing work due to computer freeze. Are your emails sending with large download files embedded in the body?" and wonder if there is anything I can do to improve this? 


This is the first time I've heard about this, but I'd still like to find out more if it's possible. Don't want others having this same experience, obviously.

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Hello @TuChamber ,


Are you aware of any security programs like pop-up / ad blocker extensions, VPNs, or other security software the contact may be using that'd be struggling with the basic open/click tracking of our emails? If they do have any, are they able to safelist our domains in the particular program to alleviate the issue on their end?


It could also potentially be an issue of device age, but that'd not a particularly quick and easy fix. It may be worth having them see if the issue also occurs on other devices / email programs and apps they have access to. Beyond that, there's not much else on our end that we'd have for insight on this since opening a simple email shouldn't be causing any devices to lag to the extreme they mention.

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