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Constant Contact formatting in Microsoft Outlook

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Is there a workaround for the formatting changes that happen in Constant Contact emails received through Microsoft Outlook (border and spacing issues that make a well-designed campaign look really sloppy)? I know that, according to the chat, this has long been an issue with Outlook and the problem is on their end, but, as one of the larger market share email operations (and the one my organization is mostly sending to) it really makes using Constant Contact not worthwhile to me and will likely cause me to have to go elsewhere (which is a shame, because the design and user interface for CC is superior to most other programs that I've used.)
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Hello @NakiaG9 ,


You're welcome to reach out to Outlook's, to see what they suggest for Outlook settings that might be causing issues with your formatting. The biggest issue is that Outlook uses Word to read the coding for emails, whereas nearly every single other email client uses systems meant for reading emails. Due to this, many of the issues plague other ESPs in similar ways, and have their own sporadic issues.


If you'd like more info regarding display changes in different email clients, and what Outlook's actual market share of app usage is, make sure to check out this post in our Community.

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