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Hi there - I manage the CC account for a community non-profit and want to delete a bunch of contacts in our account (to reduce fees). I've exported all the contacts but I will want to import them back into our account closer to our next big fundraiser in 2026. I know that CC is very careful about unsubscribed contacts - but these are not unsubscribed. Will there be any issues if I try to import them back into our account? I realize that our fees will go up again at the time. I just don't want to go through some crazy re-subscribe process for 1000 contacts! Any thoughts?

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Hello @DodieB81 ,


Based on what you're describing, you shouldn't need to go back through any subscription confirmation hoops, since the contacts are already listed in your account as subscribed at this time. 


See also:

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William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thank you! This is a big help.

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