Editing Footer of a Landing Page

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I have been able to edit the footers in emails to change the org name and address when used for different groups. I want to do the same for a landing page. It allows me to make changes to the footer while in edit mode. It looks the way I want it to in Preview mode. When I activate it, the footer shown is the information in my account details. How can I get the edits in the footer to stay when I activate the landing page?

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Hello @DavidS6185 ,


The information in landing pages' footers is tied to your account's settings. for organization name, address, etc.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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That is disappointing.  It means I will have a footer that with a name and potentially address different than what I am using it for.  For example, if it is a newsletter about cows called "All About Cows" but the organization is Old McDonald's Farm, then the footer says   "If you just opted in, you're consenting to receive marketing emails from: Old McDonald's Farm"., but really they are consenting to receiving just the newsletter All About Cows.  There could be other news letters (ducks, horses, etc.) each with their own landing page. 


It would be great to be able to change the footer on a landing page, like you can on an email.

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