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Embed the email archive widget on your website

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Added the archive widget to my website but newsletters are listing with oldest first and not newest first. How do I list with newest first?

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Hi @TheresaC556,


The archived list is based on the order the emails were selected for archive. So, if you started with your oldest emails and worked towards your newest emails, that's why it displays in that order. At this time, once an email has been archived the order is fixed in the system so even if you unarchived and re-archived them, it would still display the same way. We're tracking feedback on this and I can certainly add your desire for more customization to the tracking. In the meantime, you can either make copies of the emails and resend them to yourself and then archive them in the order that you want or if you have the capabilities, you can copy the permanent URLs for each campaign and manually create an archive on your website.

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Is there a way to mass unarchive old ones?  Rather then one by one??  I have some from 2016-17 I don't want to show anymore - we weren't using feature from 2018-2022. 

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Hi @PPA01. There currently isn't a way to remove multiple archived campaigns at once. They will need to be deleted one at a time.


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